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Level of Online Marketing Confidence in Australians Shown to Be High

According to a survey cited by the Business Standard, Australian businesses are among the most confident with online marketing efforts. Throughout the world, people are embracing the digital world for many aspects of their daily lives. There are still places, however, where marketers are not too confident with the digital move. Australia, however, has a good percentage of marketers who are confident with their practice.
The survey was carried out by Adobe in collaboration with the CMO Council. It shows that the confidence relates directly to the belief that the digital medium enables engagement by providing touch points that serve as direct connections between a brand and its customers. Around 66 per cent of the respondents agreed that digital enables these opportunities. Almost half agree that digital is able to deliver more cost-effective customer acquisition.


No Pop-Ups: The New Era of Online Marketing Requires Smarter Tactics

More than a decade ago, social media became a new and fresh way to market and advertise for many companies. Fast-forward to today and it’s obvious how much social networks like Twitter and Facebook have changed online marketing strategies forever.

The problem lies in the fact that using these social media sites has become so common that nearly every business out there uses these sites as a platform for their campaigns. This is obvious by the numerous advertisements that pop-up every time we go online; in fact these pop-up advertisements are so numerous that people have started to use pop-up blockers just to avoid them.